Trading Card Pack of the Month Club

Only $1 a Month

Collecting Trading Cards has never been so popular and opening new and vintage era packs is one of the most enjoyable parts of the hobby.  Cardsone has purchased one of the largest trading card pack closeouts in their industry and is now offering this limited time, Trading Card Pack of the Month Club at a special introductory price of ONLY $1 (plus shipping and handling) per month.  Here is the best part…. We are so sure you will see the value in each Monthly Trading Card Pack/Packs we send; each month we will send your pack/packs on approval before you PAY!!! Each month you will receive a different trading card pack/packs for a great mixture of years and manufactures. Choose packs you receive from your favorite sport: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Mixed Sports or TV/Movie.

                            WHO SAYS A BUCK DOESN’T BUY ANYTHING WORTH WHILE!!!!

> Receive from one to ten Trading Card packs each month from a great assortment of mixed years and trading card manufactures! You choose the sport of your choice and only pay $1 + $4.99 Shipping and Handling.

> To receive your first month of pack/packs simply fill out the form below and submit

> There is no risk!  Pay Nothing Now!!!  After you received your “Trading card Pack/Packs of the Month” and are satisfied, simply send in your payment and your “Pack of the Month Request Card”. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied simply return the unwanted packs and pay nothing!

> After we have received back your previous months “Pack of the Month Request Card”, and payment or returned pack/packs, we will automatically send you your next month of Trading Card Pack/Packs for your approval again.

> First time club members will receive a bonus 10 additional packs with your 3nd months order for FREE!!

> Information on purchasing newly released pack products from all the major trading card manufactures at wholesale prices.   

                                                           How the Program Works!!!

                  Signing up for the Trading Card Pack of the Month Club is as easy as 1 2 3

Step 1:  Simply fill the form below and click submit.

Step 2:  In one to two weeks you will receive your Pack of the Month Club Pack/Packs and an invoice for $1 + $4.99 shipping and handling.

Step 3:  Send payment and your next month’s Pack of the Month Request Card, or return unwanted packs and pay nothing. Automatically the next month we will send you your new Pack/Packs of the Month!!!

                         Cardsone “Pack of the Month” Request Form

      New Member    Current Member /    Membership Number

Choose Your Pack/Packs:

Baseball Football Basketball Hockey Mixed Sports TV/Movie

Payment Enclosed:

1 Pack/Packs Lot ($5.99)(Invoiced)  2  Pack/Packs Lot  ($11.98)(Pre Paid)
5 Pack/Packs Lot ($14.98)(Pre Paid) 10 Pack/Packs Lot ($19.98)(Pre Paid)              

New Member or Current Member Change of Information:



State/Province    Zip/Postal Code

Email    Phone

Payment Type Master Card Visa Discover Am Express   Check Money Order 

Card Number   Exp. Date

CSV (3 Digit on Back)

Check / Credit Card Payment “Enroll Me in Next Month"
Check / Credit Card Payment “Do Not Enroll Me in Next Month"
Check / Credit Card Payment “Purchase of Pre Paid Pack Lots” (See Above)
Return Unwanted Packs “Enroll Me in Next Month”
Return Unwanted Packs “Do Not Enroll Me in Next Month”

Send Pack Of The Month Request Forms, Payments or Returns to:  Cardsone Pack of the Month Club:  PO Box 3777 Cleveland, TN 37320.

You Can Also Submit Your “Pack of The Month” Request Using this page. Be sure to include your membership number.